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ZUKSWA (Zimbabwe UK Social Workers Association)

ZUKSWA/UKSWA is a registered organisation for social workers and student social workers based in UK. As an organisation we provide one to one confidential emotional support, mock interviews, how to write a personal statement, cheap trainings for our members and quarterly network meetings. We have experienced trainers that work with us. Our members pay £2 monthly subscription fees for administration purposes.


ZUKSWA was started in October 2015. We are now opening the door for other social workers and Student social workers who are not from Zimbabwe. This is due to high demand.


Increased life opportunities for BME communities and social workers




We aim to:


  • To improve self -esteem and self confidence
  • A voice for our members
  • For social workers to work in unity
  • Better placements for all student social workers
  • Better support for BME communities
  • Tailor made support to be for all individual members
  • Work in partnership with Local Authorities, universities, local communities and faith groups



How do we achieve this

  • Have one to one support services for our members
  • Provide cheap training for our members and local communities
  • We meet once every 3 months





  • For every social worker and student social worker from to be well equipped and confident to complete assigned duties.
  • To support each other in achieving best outcomes in our profession as social workers in excellence.
  • Our local communities to understand the current laws in place and to be well equipped to make informed decisions.


  • ZUKSWA to be a place of safety and support for its members.
  • ZUKSWA will follow all social work values and ethics and all social work standards.
  • ZUKSWA will work alongside and in partnership with other professional bodies.
  • ZUKSWA will work in line with HCPC requirements and standards.



  • ZUKSWA provides a dedicated service to its members.
  • ZUKSWA holds quarterly meetings for its members.
  • At these meetings we share learning, it is a place of networking and we arrange regular trainings for our members so that we can be well equipped and empowered
  • We support newly qualified social workerS with career advice and this has helped members to build confidence in themselves and in their future roles.
  • We have an active Telegram, where people are free to ask question. We operate confidential policy and information shared will not be shared outside the group.
  • We support each other to build our CPD portfolios according to HCPC procedures.
  • We provide emotional support to our members
  • As an organisation, we raise money through membership subscriptions, low-key jobs and tenders from local Authorities.


ZUKSWA has lead experts in domestic violence, safeguarding, immigration, Modern day slavery, support for people with HIV, fostering, mental health and many other areas.

ZUKSWA aims to build a good understanding of UK legislations, process and procedures to ethnic minority communities and raise awareness on issues that affect black minority communities.

We aim to hold these community day once a year.


How to join

Social worker and want to join our organisation they can contact Hilda on 07443850451. Specials checks apply to every social worker/student social workers who wants to join.

£2 monthly subscriptions apply to every member for running costs.

ZUKSWA is on Data Protection Register (ICO) – and we follow Data protection Act 1998. A

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Call 0744 3850451


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