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Hilda Chehore

Hilda Chehore is a Zimbabwean -born but based in UK. As founder and director of ZUKSWA, Hilda Chehore, supports social workers, raising awareness and facilitate change in different communities.


ZUKSWA was birthed in October 2015 after Hilda saw the need to fill in the gap to support social workers and student social workers from Zimbabwe due to struggles they face at work and universities. Membership of ZUKSWA is based on nationality, area of location or been a student and a registered social worker. ZUKSWA is growing daily through word of mouth due to satisfaction from services provided members. ZUKSWA provides low key mentoring support, interview skills, mock interviews, assistance with personal statement and training etc. This has helped social workers who attend interviews to be more confident in their role. Most communities in UK run support services for their communities. Unfortunately, there is no community support for Zimbabweans in UK this has inspired Hilda in providing this support to the Zimbabwean community. ZUKSWA holds annual community day once a year. Due high demand from other communities this service is now under review and future plans are to reach out to other black minority communities.


ZUKSWA members hold quarterly meetings for its members.


With over 22 years of working with children, Hilda’s expertise is ensuring the safety of children. She is the founder of a charity called Ultimate Children Foundation that supports disadvantage children in Africa.

Aside from been a social worker, Hilda Chehore is also a pastor and serve in the local church to empower people walk in their divine purposes. She understands the link between Christianity and Social work.

Marceline Parayiwa

Marceline Parayiwa, senior social worker in care management. Experience - 8 years post qualifying experience 5 years in a safeguarding team in children services, 2 years as a children's services practitioner in the NSPCC, currently working in a care management team in children's services. Marcie is an expert in Safeguarding and parenting care.

Sandra Mukome

Sandra Mukome is a registered social worker with HCPC and has several years of experience in child protection as a Children and Family Social Worker .


Ms Mukome is based in West Midlands, which has a deverse range of ethnic minorities . Ms Mukome also has a postgraduate qualification in Social work and did her desertation on Domestic violence and this has continued to be an area she is passionate about and worked closely within the community . She has also studied law up to postgraduate level.

Gabriel Madzima

My name is Gabriel Madzima I am a practicing children and young people Social worker. I hold a Bsc in Social Work (2015). I have been working in the social care sector for around 15 years covering areas such as adult and children mental, safeguarding and mentoring. As a Social Worker my experience in children's social care is around domestic violence, unaccompanied asylum seeking children, parental substance misuse and child protection. I have great interest and passion in matters of equality and diversity.

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