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ZUKSWA/UKSWA.CIC is a registered organisation for a Black Ethnic Minority (BME) social workers and student social workers based in the UK. As an organisation we provide one to one confidential emotional support, mock interviews, mentoring service, support with returning to work, trainings, conferences and network meetings. ZUKSWA/UKSWA.CIC also raise awareness on social issues to empower BME communities to integrate in the UK and also to educate organisation to be culturally competent.

Hilda Chehore

Marceline Parayiwa

Ratidzo Muzanarwo

Hilda Chehore is a Zimbabwean -born but based in the UK. As founder and director of ZUKSWA/UKSWA.CIC, Hilda Chehore, supports BME social workers and student social workers, raising awareness and facilitate change in different communities.

ZUKSWA/UKSWA.CIC was birthed in October 2015 after Hilda saw the need to fill in the gap to support social workers and student social workers from Zimbabwe due to struggles they face at work and universities. After a survey I realised that my experience was similar to most ethnic minority social workers and due to the success and public demand UKSWA was started in October 2017. 

Marceline Parayiwa, senior social worker in care management. Experience - 8 years post qualifying experience 5 years in a safeguarding team in children services, 2 years as a children's services practitioner in the NSPCC, currently working in a care management team in children's services. Marcie is an expert in Safeguarding and parenting care.

My name is Ratidzo Muzanarwo. I qualified as a Social Worker (BA) Hon in 2008 and have worked as a Social Worker in Adult Services, initially in The Palliative Care Team, a specialist team supporting people approaching end stages of physical health - mostly cancer. I then worked in the Hospital Social Work Team supporting people who were in hospital in preparation for discharge. Since 2014, I have worked as a Best Interests Assessor and Practice Educator. I have worked as an Independent BIA since then and am currently working on an adhoc basis in this field.

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